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D-SCALER 1.5" offer

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D-SCALER 1.5" offer Summary

SCALER 1.5"  FOR PIPE 3/4" TO 1.5"
Ideal for very hard water zone & commercial application

The D-SCALER 1.5" is a compact version combines the size of D-SCALER 1.0" and D-SCALER 4.0" power.
It is designed to achieve optimal power.

Now available to the public!
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Mounting instructions + Setting into operation:

This module operates environment-friendly without chemicals on a physical-inductive base. Very easy assembly, no intervention into

pipes necessary. If possible, the device should be mounted directly behind the water meter according to the drawing. Please observe that both

coils must be wound around the water pipe in opposite directions.

Please plug the firmly connected plug power supply into a socket 110 V~ (protect from moisture).


A low-frequency impulse field builds up between both coils wound around the water pipe, which is active up to the ultrasonic range. That is how

the structures of the lime crystals change from the squared bizarre form into round to cubical forms, which combine more difficult. There is less

formation of limestone because of that and more soft lime dust, which settles very difficult. It is very difficult to remove limestone, the lime dust

transformed by the descaler settles only very hardly and can be easily removed with a cloth (e.g. on shower heads, in boilers, etc.). The water

does not get lime-free, the lime merely gets another form!

The water will not become free from lime, the molecules are merely brought into another form. Lime-free water would be very aggressive. The

water becomes a little bit softer, calcium, which is important to health will be maintained and consequently the taste of the water will not


Meaning of the 2 LED displays:

1. The LED "Power" lights up when the device is switched on and connected with a power supply.

2. The LED "Frequency (Frequenz)" lights up if the safe area generator of the descaler operates properly and the energy is led on both coils for

the water pipe.

Mounting: Install the device shortly behind the water meter above the water pipe at the wall. Both induction cables simply have to be wound

around the metal tube at a distance of approx. 4 cm to each other at the left and right and must be adhered at the end. As far as the cable

coils are concerned, the windings should be put closely side by side (see drawing). The winding direction of the cable that is on the water pipe

is very important. Please coil the cable according to the drawing in each case from inside to outside, every cable in a different winding direction:

one cable anticlockwise, the other cable clockwise. It does not matter which of the cables where coiled in which direction. It just has to be secure

that both cables were coiled in different directions around the water pipe.

The lamp "Power" lights up when the current supply is connected. The lamp "Frequenz" lights up if the installed magnetic field generator operates

and delivers an inductive voltage field onto the cables towards the water pipe.

Intended use:

Assembly at water pipes in order to ionize the crystals contained in the water.

Technical data:

Operating voltage: ca. 110V~ (firmly connected plug power supply)

Current consumption: < 2,5W

Operating frequency: < LOW & fixed

For water pipes made of copper, plastic, steel, approx. Ø 8…80mm  or 1/2" to 3.00"

Capacity: max. approx. 5 m ³ / h or 1000 gal. / h

Total length: < 9" or 230 cm

For water pipes
       PEX                                   COPPER                        IRON & STAINLESS STEEL                P.V.C. & A.B.S.




The following timetable of events explains what you can expect from using the D-SCALER. The D-SCALER is designed for and powerful enough to condition water in any home installation as well as certain light commercial and industrial applications. The D-SCALER provides effective water conditioning through most types of water supply pipes including copper, plastic and standard galvanised materials.

DAY 1: D-SCALER starts its action immediately to soften existing scales in both hot and cold water systems. After washing using the day-old treated water, you may find that your skin feels softer and your hair feels silkier!

DAY 5 onwards: Scale begins to come off water heater elements (immersion type) and tanks. Small particles may be seen in the water coming from the hot water tap.

DAY 10 to 16: It should noticeably easier to wipe clean ceramic, plastic, glass or metal surfaces. By now, the quantity of bath soap, dish soap, laundry detergents and softening agents used can be reduced!

DAY 12: Lime scale on faucets, showerheads and frequently used appliances (e.g. coffee makers) should have been softened.

DAY 16 onwards: Scale should continue to be loosen from faucets, showerheads and pipes. Thermostats for water heaters can often be lowered as scale is removed from heating surfaces since less energy is needed to achieve the desired temperature.

After 1 to 2 months: Any scaly crust in toilets or under faucets will have started to soften and will be easily removed. No new stain or crust will form. Depending on the water hardness in your area, the full effects can take up to 12 weeks, especially if the system has been heavily scaled up over many years.



The D-SCALER includes the connection to your country

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5 product stars
D-scaler 4.0" - Renato Engaño - 07/14/2013
want to know more about D-scaler

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